Monday, November 19, 2012

DIY- Lace up leggings

Not the easiest DIY you'll ever do, but may be one of the coolest. Stylestalker has a version that costs $238, Nastygal has a version that costs $134...
This version will be $25!

What you will need....
*Black leggings, any kind will do!
*A grommet gun
*About 200 small grommets (silver, gold, or black)
*Something to lace them up. I used satin chording

First, take leggings and measure two lines, surrounding where the knee would be, about five inches apart. Cut those...

Draw a line down the center of the front of shin on the leggings and cut that line. Be sure to not go through both layers. Just the front, where the shin would be. 

Take the knee pieces- turn them inside out, fold down edges about a half an inch and pin. I wrote an L and an R so I can remember which one is for which leg.

Do the same thing to the shin piece. Along the top where the knee piece will connect and along the sides. NOT along the bottom. 

This is what the knee piece should look like after sewn and turned right side out. Make sure you use a zig zag stitch because the fabric will need to be able to stretch. 

Now this is the thigh part. Cut a line stretching up towards the waist about 7-10 inches. It can go as far up your thigh as you wish. Fold the edges back a half an inch and pin. 

This is the annoying part... haha. Measure along the edges every inch to inch and a half and mark a dot. This is where you're going to put in a grommet. The instructions on how to use a grommet gun are on the package, but if you don't know how, HERE is a tutorial. 

Once all of your grommets are in, start lacing up from the top of the thigh on down. 

And this is how you start on to the knee part. 

And continue around to the back, one lace in each direction, not criss crossing. This part can get very confusing...

This is what the back should look like. A little bow:)
The bottom part of the legging is just like the top. Start lacing from the bottom of the legging in the front of the calf by the ankle, and up to the knee and around to the back, anding with another bow. 

This is the end result! looks rock n roll, edgy, and sexy! Pair it with chunky black ankle boots and a baggy white T! Keep the laces nice and loose so you don't rip your grommets out! The whole process took me about a week and it's very tedious, but the end result is so worth it! Try it out............


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