Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Killin it: Jackets jackets jackets

Being from Minnesota, I've had my fair share of God awful jackets. I'd like to think I was just entertaining my right brain for later in life when I could organize my ideas into a fashion sense. Here's a perfect example of one...
(yikes, you'd think i was from jersey.)

Nowadays, this season is absolutely killing it with the jackets. My younger self is so jealous. :(
Pretty sure my obsession stemmed from watching "The Devil Wears Prada." Do you remember the Miranda-throwing-her-jacket-and-purse-on-the-assistants-desk-every-day montage? Well I noticed every one was AMAZING and unique! Then I thought "I'm just going to be covering up my cute outfits with a jacket this season anyway, why don't I get a couple amazing ones?" The following are my favorites.......

Forever 21, I own this lady and love it because it's baggy, vintage looking, and you can cinch it tight 

Forever 21, I also own this 90's inspired suede and scraggly fur trimmed beauty. It has a hood:)

Forever 21, tried to find it, never could. Extra long blazer with leather arms! Badass!

Nastygal, trench with chiffon back piece! Not too warm, but perfect for showing off your outfit! This is also a perfect DIY. Just cut out the back panel and sew in chiffon!

This is just randomly found on the internet, but I love the mixing of two coats! Also a fairly easy DIY!

Balmain inspired jackets. bleaching, studs and safety pins in chaotic order. Thats the key there, don't just get carried away with randomness. 

KVD line, the Napoleon. Saw this in person at Wonderland and it's even prettier in person! Thick, heavy and well made with perfect military accents. Well done Kat.

Also KVD, the quill coat. What's not to love; the placed artwork, the collar, the leather pockets, the length?

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