Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Killin' it: "Arm Parties"

I put "arm parties" in quotes because I did not come up with this awesome phrase. It has quickly becoming one of my favorites. I started stacking my arms with bracelets a couple years ago (primarily silver), but for some reason- got a little over it. UNTIL.... the friendship bracelet. It has re-introduced me to the world of scavenging for random bracelets to cover my arms, thus the arm party. Here are some GREATEST examples from the coolest blogs:)

All the above images are from the man repeller, who is also the inventor of this killer phrase "arm party". (i think.. feel free to debate that one)

Above photos are from the fashionstake blog

Horrible picture, but awesome blog for getting bracelets! DANNIJO

This is my own arm party:
blue friendship bracelet from venice boardwalk 
green friendship bracelet with attached chains from forever 21
rubber bangles gifted 
silver studded bracelet from melrose flea market 

Want to know how to make some of your own?? I came across this amazing blog showing you how to make some cool ass bracelets! TRY em! I know I will.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

DIY: T-shirt cutting

Just a quick lil' post cause I randomly decided to cut up some old shirts laying around whilst doing laundry tonight:) These are some of my fav's....

This one is very easy: just cut off the bottom wherever you please (I draped mine a little lower in the back) and then cut of the arms right at the stitching. I also cut off the neck rim and stretched it out so I could rest it off my shoulder. Make sure you stretch out every cut!

Back view..

Just a little different. I cut off the arms closer to the neck and farther down the sides to create pretty big arm holes. I didn't cut off the bottom or the neck rim, but I did tie a knot in back!

Great cut for side boob! :) Notice the knot in back! If u don't feel comfortable wearing a crop top like this, try putting this shirt over a racer back dress, or a maxi dress!

This is a god awful tank top from forever 21 that I decided to fringe cut the bottom. It's wearable, but I'm not in love.....

Fringe cut: just cut strips along the bottom of the shirt, as far up as you want. Make sure to stretch out the strips so you cant see any imperfections!


Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Featured: Risk vs Reward Clothing

So the time has come to plug my clothing line.
Our website is very close to launching, so I thought why not brag it up on the old blog. Here are some pictures from our latest photo shoot with the gorgeous Camilla Luddington (you might recognize her from 'Will and Kate' on lifetime) and Benji:)

Rosary Hearts Dress

Feathers and Lace

Pray For Us Rockers

Turbo Poe

Lady of the Birds tunic

Dueling Medusas

LA Anarchy

Rosary Hearts dress back

Dueling Medusas


Makeup: Romina Fronti
Hair: Tracey Schlichter
Stylist: Tracey Schlichter
Photography: Matt Doheny
Models: Camilla Luddington
Benji Lanpher
PA: Dean Kujawa and Damien Lawson

Please check out our website! www.riskvsrewardclothing.com

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Killin' it: Ankle boots

Sorry sandals and flip flops. Or even wedges and pumps for that matter. Ankle boots have kicked your sorry little asses for summer! No matter what I'm wearing; shorts, dresses, bellbottoms, or skinnies. I'm pairing it with ankle boots. At first they were hard to find, but of course stores are finally starting to catch on to what's cool. My favorite place to find them around LA? Wasteland! Vintage/worn in, designer and a great price! Here are some prime examples of what I'm preachin' about....




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