Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Absolutely not. Ever.

I feel like I should apologize in advance for this, but I don't think I will because blogs are purely opinion and not fact, right? So instead I will be issuing a warning. Warning, this style blog post called "absolutely not. ever." is where I will be ripping on a current fashion trend that I think is truly horrific. You obviously don't have to agree, and if you don't, feel free to comment and try to change my mind! do it.

High fashion Disney is what I call this look...

This is actually a cute shirt, especially the cut! Faded mickey mouse pattern and his signature on my chest, no thanks. This shirt says, cheap.

Again with this bag. I don't mind the silhouette, but they're trying to look fashionable and it just reads diaper bag. 

"he he. look at me I'm cute like minnie." ugh.

This is a line called "Disney Couture" littering up some of my favorite shopping sites, like 80's Purple. This necklace makes me cringe, but I do have to say they have other stuff that may be acceptable.

Again. OK cut, completely ruined. Not that we should dress for men, but really, single ladies out there are not attracting any man meat with a mickey shirt and shiny leggings. 

Fashion Bite: Ashlee Simpson

I don't care what anyone says! Ashlee Simpson has great style.... or a great stylist. I always thought this outfit was cute and figured it would look great on a lot of different body types. So I thought, why not breakdown the look into affordable pieces for all us "real" people:) I call this segment of my blog, fashion bite!

Denim shirt: You can find these anywhere! I got mine at H&M for like $14, but here's a link for
overstock, it's $14.99
Ruffle tiered skirt: The one pictured here is from forever 21 for $19.80, but this one is also an easy find anywhere!
Rings: These are just some cute girly rings I found, but obviously jewelry is something you can
Lace up booties: I have a thing for lace up booties! Must be my affinity for all things 90's!
These peeptoe platforms are real suede and on sale!
Black extreme platform booties: I have these and they are the most comfortable heels I've ever worn. They're not for sale on the internet anymore, but I saw them recently in stores! Go find them quick! I think they're like $30!
Floral Bralet: This peeping under the denim shirt is so hot! And also a bit 90's:) I found this one here for 20 euros, which is I have no idea dollars. ha
Chunky Necklaces: These are open to interpretation as well, but the key here is layered and chunky! I found these two at asos and charlotte russe

Monday, November 29, 2010

How To Wear: The infamous mesh/lace maxi skirt!

Hello fashion step-children! I am your resident blogger for "Subject to Fashion."
So..... writing my first blog post, kind of terrifying! I decided to go big and write a how-to guide on wearing the mesh/lace maxi skirt that is popping up everywhere! After recently purchasing one for myself, I struggled with putting together an outfit that didn't make me look amish, hobo-ish, or renissaince-ish....  I decided to just try whatever I could find and go with my fashion instinct! Here are some rules we should all apply>

Picture 1. Free People maxi paired with the most perfect platform boots, always wear heels!
Picture 2. Black or nude, it's still hot!
Picture 3 and 4. Layering gives you a complete look. A "I wore this on purpose" look!
Picture 5. Also from Free People, make sure you wear either booty shorts or a short mini
underneath, to keep it from looking frumpy!

Picture 1. Way plain and boring, and wearing flats makes you look short..
Picture 2. Too big and billowy, and the underskirt is too long..
Picture 3. Black tights ruins the mesh effect, and a baggy sweater can start taking you to the 
"hobo" grey area... 
Picture 4. Great skirt! BAD boots. Too big and bulky. 

And if you're interested in where I got my skirt, here's the link! The picture is AWFUL, but I cut the liner out, and it works just fine! Don't you worry, I'll upload a picture sooon...

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