Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Absolutely not. Ever.

I feel like I should apologize in advance for this, but I don't think I will because blogs are purely opinion and not fact, right? So instead I will be issuing a warning. Warning, this style blog post called "absolutely not. ever." is where I will be ripping on a current fashion trend that I think is truly horrific. You obviously don't have to agree, and if you don't, feel free to comment and try to change my mind! do it.

High fashion Disney is what I call this look...

This is actually a cute shirt, especially the cut! Faded mickey mouse pattern and his signature on my chest, no thanks. This shirt says, cheap.

Again with this bag. I don't mind the silhouette, but they're trying to look fashionable and it just reads diaper bag. 

"he he. look at me I'm cute like minnie." ugh.

This is a line called "Disney Couture" littering up some of my favorite shopping sites, like 80's Purple. This necklace makes me cringe, but I do have to say they have other stuff that may be acceptable.

Again. OK cut, completely ruined. Not that we should dress for men, but really, single ladies out there are not attracting any man meat with a mickey shirt and shiny leggings. 


  1. lol! Did you have a bad Disney experience as a child? I do agree with everything you said though :)

  2. Nope! haha, just hate when people try to mix the two! I actually love Disney movies:)

  3. I used to have a totally badass Micky Mouse telephone when I was younger. I wonder what the hell happened to it...
    The Red Queen


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