Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Wishlist: or should I say X-mas list?

These are the items I currently fancy.
At first I saw these these and thought hell no. But they're growing on me, fast. 

Love the detailing and color of this jacket! you can't really tell, but it has exposed seems and this faded grid-like pattern. Not to mention the drape front, tight sleeves and hoodie!

This is from my favorite shopping site nastygal! Marled see-through knits are hot and I'm also obsessed with curved hems. Probably always will be. 

I'm searching everywhere for the perfect/affordable blazer. This one is almost perfect, but it's also McQueen and $655... I prefer one with puffy, or structured shoulders, cinched at the waist then flares out and waist length. Help!

Baggy, see through, velvet details and fringe:)
This is by a line called American Gold. Unfortunately, almost everything is sold out.

I dreamt about these, I think. Been loving them since they were black, blue, red, and now glitter?? Get outta town! JC glitter lita's

velvet draped jacket. Don't need to say much..

Aaaand every single piece from Rick Owens.


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