Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Killin' it: DIY blogs I'm DIYing over

I've always been a crafty lady; painting, sewing, cutting, gluing.  And I love getting a designer look on my not designer budget. Sooo..... I take inspiration from these talented ladies, and you should too!

Shredding and chains, couldn't look cooler
This is where you can learn how from Shini at Park & Cube

Two very easy DIY's that are very stylish:) No sewing needed. 
Learn how here at A Pair and a Spare

This woman is amazing! I am immediately going to try both of these! The look tedious and time consuming, but I don't care:) If you're up for a challenge check out cocorosa!

A couple of randoms I really want to try as well! I like the skeletal-look of the top pic and the Victoria Beckham bra-look of the bottom pic. 

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  1. uh you forgot to mention "arrangment making" and "laundry room painting" in your list of how you're crafty.


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