Friday, December 24, 2010

Killin' it: Electric blue

I have a new obsession. It kind of just came out of nowhere..... like most of mine do. I decided on electric blue Lita's from Jeffrey Campbell for christmas and then got an electric blue manicure and then saw Kat Von D's new blue do, and it was all over. Electric blue is my new thing. Now to be clear, it's a very specific blue... it's a rich-vibrant-royal-almost-cobalt-neonish-blue. Is that clear? Absolutely no hints of green, or purple! Pure blue. As Kat would call it, indigo blue. The following is just a few examples of why this color is KILLING it (in my head at least). I also have to mention, I'm wearing all blue tomorrow for our xmas celebrations:) dont care. pictures will follow.

Oh and I have one more thing........
Where can I find one of these scarf hoods! Or do I need to make one.?
One of the most stylish little ladies I work with, Mackenzie, was wearing one today and oh was I jealous. Where Mackenzie, where?


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