Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Surround yourself with what you love

Even though this is primarily a fashion blog, I read a post recently about this gals loft in NY and I realized... us fashion lovers probably dress our surroundings like we dress ourselves. So.. here is a compilation of my favorite pics of my place:)

Pounded tin from Mexico 

Old creepy pilgrim painting from my g'ma g'pa, stuffed bird, dead roses

Electric blue (my favorite color) leather chair

My jewelry setup

Virgin Mary painting

Gothic canoe candle holders

Metal tin wall

My black leather boot obsession

Poe art piece

Jesus art piece

The book of love

My art, skateboards, music equipment

Adam West

I live in Hollywood in case you were curious.......
Please comment, I'd love to hear from ya

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Killin' it: new Risk VS Reward Clothing

Just a quick post to show me wearing a new clothing line that Dean and I run called Risk VS Reward Clothing, or RVSR! Check it out, if you like, pass it along!

"Dueling Medusas"

"Black Dahlia"
haha I'm a devil 


"Pray for us rockers"

"Rosary Hearts dress"

Monday, October 17, 2011

DIY: Possibly the coolest boots you'll ever wear.

Hands down, my favorite part about looking at fashion blogs are the DIY's. Nothing makes me more happy than creating something with my hands. ESPECIALLY if it sells on the internet for $400 and I can make it for $50:) I've had an extreme obsession with ankle boots for some time now, but havn't been able to find the perfect pair.....
and I think I possibly just made them.......

(Before picture)
Just a plain ol' pair of cowboy boots that I got at the melrose flea market for $40.
You can use any color or style.

Cut a slit down down the back and stop at the top of the heel, or wherever you want your boots to fold at. 

Fold the top down.

For this particular look the fold should come all the way down to the bottom of the shoe. 

Get yourself some vintage belts. The more stylish and studded the better. I got these guys at the flea market as well, for $10.

Start rappin. No not rapping, wrapping. 
Just keep layering belts until you've achieved the look you want and cinch them tight so your boots stay on. If you want extra security you can glue them in place, but I found they don't even need it!


Another view.

Fancy instagram picture of the finished project. Sick, eclectic, one of a kind. 
Try it and post your pics please:)

Friday, October 14, 2011

Fall fit for less!

Loving this outfit post from the silliest blogger out there, The Man Repeller! I do love her stuff, but ya know what? Everything she wears is designer designer designer! So here's where you can find this perfect fall outfit for much less! Under $200, which is less than the jacket in that picture!

The inspiration^...........

The key to this jacket is plaid and 3/4 length sleeves! 
Found this one at Nordstroms

The key to this layer is texture! I just loooove this top from nastygal! I love that it's pink too, instead of white.

The key to the skirt in this look is flowy and chiffon/see through. The man repeller loves mixing textures and patterns. The color of the skirt brings out the plaid in the jacket.
 This skirt is from Forvever 21
around $20

And last just a plain long sleeve T. I love how the sleeves peek out under the jacket! 
This one is Hurley from Karmaloop! 

The shoes, jewelry and bag are all up to you! If it was me, I'd pair the outfit with black wedges and scrunched down light pink socks to tie it all together. Oh and gold chunky necklaces! Hope you like, and  please post any outfits you're wearin' for continued inspiration!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Intergalactic Navajo

Recently I've been attracted to this certain type of jewelry. Not sure what the fashion guru's would call it, but it's a mixture of tribal, native american, and almost alien-like influences. Most of the time these pieces include a metal of some sort, interesting shapes, intricate designs, are fairly bulky, and can even include some Greek inspiration. Not to be confused with 80's style abstract southwest jewelry..  I'll let these pictures do the talking.

Does this make more sense now?......

These are my personal favorites that I own... not gonna lie, they're all from Forever 21. That is the best place to find this trend! Or Free People, if you have a thicker wallet. And if money is no object, definitely check out House of Harlow and Pamela Love!

ooh, now that I think about it.... Stargate (1994) is a great example. Futuristic versions of ancient jewelry...? I'll quit trying. 

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