Monday, October 17, 2011

DIY: Possibly the coolest boots you'll ever wear.

Hands down, my favorite part about looking at fashion blogs are the DIY's. Nothing makes me more happy than creating something with my hands. ESPECIALLY if it sells on the internet for $400 and I can make it for $50:) I've had an extreme obsession with ankle boots for some time now, but havn't been able to find the perfect pair.....
and I think I possibly just made them.......

(Before picture)
Just a plain ol' pair of cowboy boots that I got at the melrose flea market for $40.
You can use any color or style.

Cut a slit down down the back and stop at the top of the heel, or wherever you want your boots to fold at. 

Fold the top down.

For this particular look the fold should come all the way down to the bottom of the shoe. 

Get yourself some vintage belts. The more stylish and studded the better. I got these guys at the flea market as well, for $10.

Start rappin. No not rapping, wrapping. 
Just keep layering belts until you've achieved the look you want and cinch them tight so your boots stay on. If you want extra security you can glue them in place, but I found they don't even need it!


Another view.

Fancy instagram picture of the finished project. Sick, eclectic, one of a kind. 
Try it and post your pics please:)


  1. These are awesome!

    I did a DIY of these as well!

  2. I thought about doing this boots before, but unfortunatelly I don't have cowboy boots right now, but yes It's so simple and looks amazing!!!

  3. this is soooo creative! think i may have to try it soon. first - must find old pair of boots so i can do it cheap or nearly free!

  4. excellent!:) I will try:))))


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