Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Intergalactic Navajo

Recently I've been attracted to this certain type of jewelry. Not sure what the fashion guru's would call it, but it's a mixture of tribal, native american, and almost alien-like influences. Most of the time these pieces include a metal of some sort, interesting shapes, intricate designs, are fairly bulky, and can even include some Greek inspiration. Not to be confused with 80's style abstract southwest jewelry..  I'll let these pictures do the talking.

Does this make more sense now?......

These are my personal favorites that I own... not gonna lie, they're all from Forever 21. That is the best place to find this trend! Or Free People, if you have a thicker wallet. And if money is no object, definitely check out House of Harlow and Pamela Love!

ooh, now that I think about it.... Stargate (1994) is a great example. Futuristic versions of ancient jewelry...? I'll quit trying. 

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