Monday, December 6, 2010

How to wear: Dark lipstick

Another installment of how to wear... dark dark dark lipstick! Whether it's deep plum or pure black, I think it's hot! The only thing is, it's hard to wear. >>
1. Wear minimal eye makeup, just big lashes and a swoop of eyeliner
2. If you want to do a dramatic eye as well, make it neutral shades
3. A bold shaped eyebrow goes great!
4. Make sure you use a good foundation and powder- looks best with clean, perfect skin
5. A little blush will keep you from looking pure goth. Unless you wanna look pure goth, then that's cool with me:)
6. Buy a quality brand, trust me. Usually, I'd go for the steal, but not in this case! I tried using my $1.00 black lipstick from halloween and it's dryer than shit and cracked off right away..
7. Sleek hair also looks best, but that's up to your discretion
8. I hate to say this but if you have really thin lips, this look is probably not for you.
9. Wear a killer outfit!



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