Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Fashion Bite: Ashlee Simpson

I don't care what anyone says! Ashlee Simpson has great style.... or a great stylist. I always thought this outfit was cute and figured it would look great on a lot of different body types. So I thought, why not breakdown the look into affordable pieces for all us "real" people:) I call this segment of my blog, fashion bite!

Denim shirt: You can find these anywhere! I got mine at H&M for like $14, but here's a link for
overstock, it's $14.99
Ruffle tiered skirt: The one pictured here is from forever 21 for $19.80, but this one is also an easy find anywhere!
Rings: These are just some cute girly rings I found, but obviously jewelry is something you can
Lace up booties: I have a thing for lace up booties! Must be my affinity for all things 90's!
These peeptoe platforms are real suede and on sale!
Black extreme platform booties: I have these and they are the most comfortable heels I've ever worn. They're not for sale on the internet anymore, but I saw them recently in stores! Go find them quick! I think they're like $30!
Floral Bralet: This peeping under the denim shirt is so hot! And also a bit 90's:) I found this one here for 20 euros, which is I have no idea dollars. ha
Chunky Necklaces: These are open to interpretation as well, but the key here is layered and chunky! I found these two at asos and charlotte russe

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