Monday, November 29, 2010

How To Wear: The infamous mesh/lace maxi skirt!

Hello fashion step-children! I am your resident blogger for "Subject to Fashion."
So..... writing my first blog post, kind of terrifying! I decided to go big and write a how-to guide on wearing the mesh/lace maxi skirt that is popping up everywhere! After recently purchasing one for myself, I struggled with putting together an outfit that didn't make me look amish, hobo-ish, or renissaince-ish....  I decided to just try whatever I could find and go with my fashion instinct! Here are some rules we should all apply>

Picture 1. Free People maxi paired with the most perfect platform boots, always wear heels!
Picture 2. Black or nude, it's still hot!
Picture 3 and 4. Layering gives you a complete look. A "I wore this on purpose" look!
Picture 5. Also from Free People, make sure you wear either booty shorts or a short mini
underneath, to keep it from looking frumpy!

Picture 1. Way plain and boring, and wearing flats makes you look short..
Picture 2. Too big and billowy, and the underskirt is too long..
Picture 3. Black tights ruins the mesh effect, and a baggy sweater can start taking you to the 
"hobo" grey area... 
Picture 4. Great skirt! BAD boots. Too big and bulky. 

And if you're interested in where I got my skirt, here's the link! The picture is AWFUL, but I cut the liner out, and it works just fine! Don't you worry, I'll upload a picture sooon...

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