Thursday, July 21, 2011

DIY: T-shirt cutting

Just a quick lil' post cause I randomly decided to cut up some old shirts laying around whilst doing laundry tonight:) These are some of my fav's....

This one is very easy: just cut off the bottom wherever you please (I draped mine a little lower in the back) and then cut of the arms right at the stitching. I also cut off the neck rim and stretched it out so I could rest it off my shoulder. Make sure you stretch out every cut!

Back view..

Just a little different. I cut off the arms closer to the neck and farther down the sides to create pretty big arm holes. I didn't cut off the bottom or the neck rim, but I did tie a knot in back!

Great cut for side boob! :) Notice the knot in back! If u don't feel comfortable wearing a crop top like this, try putting this shirt over a racer back dress, or a maxi dress!

This is a god awful tank top from forever 21 that I decided to fringe cut the bottom. It's wearable, but I'm not in love.....

Fringe cut: just cut strips along the bottom of the shirt, as far up as you want. Make sure to stretch out the strips so you cant see any imperfections!



  1. Great t-shirt cutting designs :)

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