Thursday, February 24, 2011

Look of the day: jewelry collection

People always ask me, "where'd you get that weird ring?"..........
Besides shoes, jewelry is my favorite accessory! I also believe the more, the better! I never used to wear jewelry until junior year of college..... so like 2005. Random fact.

I really started becoming attracted to interesting and unique vs. pretty jewelry thanks to the likes of Rumi Neely (of Fashiontoast) and Kristin Reiter (of BleachBlack)! Which reminds me of a story......

*I had a one day internship with RVCA two years ago in Costa Mesa, CA and Kristin Reiter was my gorgeous mentor. Even though I spent maybe 3 hours with the chick, I am more inspired by her and what she had to say than anyone I have ever met before. I remember showing up, looking so unoriginal and boring and feeling like a fish out of water. She probably thought "this girl needs some work"! I wasn't able to finish my internship with RVCA because I wasn't enrolled in school.. I was brand spankin' new to California and had just graduated from University of Minnesota. I was NOT about to enroll in school! I was completely disappointed, but it all worked out for the best. I ended up aspiring to be like Kristin and threw my life into designing and started my own clothing line called Risk vs. Reward Clothing with my fiance.*

ok, sorry for the flash back... just thought I'd share that fun story:) This post is for all the people who love jewelry and for those who wonder where I buy my gems. enjoy!

Every girl's gotta have a cool setup..

Black Label Society tour bracelet, two studded bracelets from random punk store on Hollywood Blvd, saints bracelet from Maya on Melrose

silver studded bangles H&M, both HUGE studded rhinestone cuffs Forever 21, random 'the moxy' beaded bracelet gifted by bam margera, old ass gold bangles no idea..

(left to right) Red leather cross necklace from Kat Von D's Wonderland gallery, saint charm and dagger necklace vintage pieces put together by me, long layered cross necklace forever 21, long layered rhinestone feather necklace also forever 21

Two of my favs, vintage emerald ring melrose flea market, and the infamous knuckle ring E&J

coolest piece i own... crucifix whistle, vintage. and it works 

(left to right) black rosary made out of wood, gold sword and k charm from flea market girl, silver skull also from flea market girl, fetal skull from wonderland gallery (one time run for kevin Llewellyn)

all earrings made by me.. except the arrowheads on the right from forever 21

the silver armor knuckle ring and the three level silver studded ring in the middle are from Asos, the cross, snake and filigree plaque are from silver connection on Wilshire, the gorgeous diamond ring underneath is my engagement ring:) the black onyx double roped ring to the left in the middle is David Yurman and everything else not mentioned is either from Forever 21 or H&M....  

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