Sunday, August 7, 2011

DIY: Ombre dye shorts

I fell in love with this blog "Honestly... WTF"! They have the best DIY's! At first it was all about the homemade arm party, but then I saw the DIY ombre dyed jean shorts! I went straight to Michael's and bought some dye!! Or is it diy...?
This is me in the end result v

I had old light colored jeans laying around, put them on, made a mark and cut off the legs. The next step, and this is optional, is destroying the denim to make them look vintage. To do this I had help from a previous blog post. 

DIY tutorial here

DIY ombre dye tutorial here

You can put your own style into it! I personally chose to do red and blue, and dyed the whole jean so that the shorts went from pink at the top to red to purple at the very bottom. You may have to resort to art class in middle school- remember, blue and red mixed make purple! Have fun!
Here are some better pics~

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  1. The results turned out great! I love your blog. I hope you'll check out mine :)


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