Monday, February 13, 2012

DIY: Custom Denim

We see customized jean jackets everywhere..... but the best part is they're all different! Rocking denim is always classic, but to really showcase your individuality, you have to DIY! There's thousands of ways to make it O ofa K! (one of a kind ((dork)):

Safety pins
I could go on for days..

SO, this is what I did. Feel free to bite my style if you dig.......

start with any jacket

i decided to cut the arms off with a seam ripper

then i soaked it in bleach with a little bit of water for about 30 minutes, the lotion bottle kept it completely submerged 

this is how it looked after i washed and dried it 

at first i wanted to safety pin the arms back on, which looked awesome but then decided i wanted a vest because i have far too many jackets

then i started designing areas with safety pins. creating patterns symmetrically on each side. 

this is the result of that

then i safety pinned the top corners so i could drape chains for embellishment 

now on to the back, i decided to stud the whole back panel
you need a nail, a ruler, and a hammer

first draw out the pattern you want i just measured dots all across the back every inch

first hammer in the nail for a nice clean hole, then push the stud through

flip it to the back and fold down the back of the stud

like so. obviously studs are different, but this is how you use these particular kind

half way done.....

oh, and you will cut yourself many times

this is the drape work i did on the front with plain small chains from michaels. so easy, you just slide the chain on the safety pin and close it. 

the back finished:)

the front finished

now do one of your own!

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  1. Wow I love this!
    Just what I was looking for, thank you so much.


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