Monday, February 20, 2012

DIY: necklace worthy of the great 90's

For some reason I have been all over the ball chain necklace. Not just any ball chain, the big chunky 90's ball chain that you probably would wear with your favorite JNCO jeans. :/ I never know why I get into these very specific trends, but can't hate a girl for knowing what she likes. Anywhoo... here's a latest DIY I did with a couple charms that needed a home and the infamous ball chain I found at the equally infamous melrose flea market. Hope you like it, it's been around my neck for weeks.

My Inspiration:

(Ivy Rose- insanely beautiful model, from her facebook)

The Real Deal:

Supplies; chain, charms of your choice, pliers

Find a link chain that's big enough to link charms with chain, I stole this one off of an old necklace, but you can buy them at any craft store.
The charms are; an old key gifted to me for Christmas and a crystal bullet from a flea market. 

Use pliers to open and close link to complete the necklace

Finished product

On me:) I like the length that I saw in the first inspiration photo, a little on the long side so it rests in my chest cavity, obviously that is up to you how long to make it. Big ball chains look best on the shorter side. 

Been DIYing up a storm lately.. the next one up is flare leggings I made from the sick fabric in the top right corner... inspiration via Alexander Wang!
velvet burnout leopard
velvet tie dye
black pleather
and burgundy satin...... whoa.
Stay tuned!

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